PFA Advisory Board

PFA Advisory Board


The Parents & Family Association Advisory board provides leadership and manages the affairs of the PFA in a manner aimed at advancing the best interests of Arizona students and the University. The Parents & Family Association and Advisory Board consists of family members of enrolled students at the University of Arizona. The term "Family member" refers to birth parents, legal guardians, and others responsible for under-graduate students.  This includes any other family member who is interested in supporting the success of a University of Arizona student.  The  Association has no dues for basic membership.


The mission of the University of Arizona Parents & Family Association (PFA) is to be a "Family for Families", to provide personalized communication among Arizona parents, family members and students that enhance their involvement in daily campus life and the overall college experience. The Parents & Family Association's goal is to provide a positive experience for families that support the students and campus community.

For more information on how to become a member of the Arizona PFA Advisory Board, please complete the volunteer application located under "Involvement & Support" or to find out the various ways to volunteer regardless of where you live.

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