PFA Virtual Coffee Chats

Thursday, April 23rd 3pm (PST)

Topic: Why my student and our family choose the University of Arizona?  Hear from PFA Advisory Board member Roger Arevalo on his experiences touring other colleges, and the reasons his first-year daughter chose to attend the University of Arizona.  Rogers daughter lived in the Honors Village this past year- and will share about their move in experience and other tips to stay connected your first year.

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Thursday, April 30th 3pm (PST)

Topic:  Moving your student from the East Coast (New Jersey) to Arizona tips and suggestions for commuting, maintaining a long-distance relationship and staying connected.  PFA Advisory Board member Neil Clover will discuss the variety of ways his daughter chose to get involved, spend the summer in AZ with a summer internship and working on campus while being a student.

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Thursday, May 7th 3pm (PST)


Is it hard having your student move so far away?

Allowing your college student find their own independence. 

PFA Advisory Board member Heidi Wilenius will share the various ways she stays connected with her student who moved across the country.  She will also share the importance of college students navigating their own college experience allowing them the opportunity to be self-sufficient problem solvers.

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Thursday, May 14th 3pm (PST)

Topic:  My daughter is at the end of her college career and graduates tomorrow- and now we celebrate! 

Hear from PFA Advisory Board Chair, Rick Voth and his graduating senior, who will share experiences on campus these past 4 years.  Rick and Jordan will speak about her involvement in Greek Life, her experiences with departments like Student Engagement and Career Development, and finally the experiences leading up to her graduation!

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Thursday, May 21st Matt & Jessica Thrower 3pm (PST)

Topic: Living locally, while supporting your student’s independence and college experience.  PFA Advisory Board members Matt & Jessica Thrower will share how they support their daughter who lives off campus as she balances a full schedule, maintains a campus job, and continues to stay involved and engaged.

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Thursday, May 28th Joel & Jane Konigsberg 3pm (PST)

Topic: How the SALT Center Serves students.  Meet PFA Advisory Board members Joel and Jane Konigsberg to hear first hand experiences from a SALT Center family and how their daughter utilizes the SALT center services throughout the year.

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Thursday, July 16th 3pm (PST)

Chat with a Wildcat parent to hear their first-hand experience moving their student on campus, what it means to be a Wildcat and resources for a successful year. Arizona staff will be available to help answer questions.
PFA Advisory Board member, Ellen Jimenez, will share with families the various resources on campus that help support and prepare students academically and socially for overall success.

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