Guest Center Becomes Mobile Friendly, Includes Spanish

Nov. 22, 2021
Guest Center app

Do you need to complete the Financial Aid resource evaluation? Pay an outstanding Bursar’s balance? Your student can share access to their Student Center information with a family member by creating a Guest Center account.


Depending on what your student has authorized to share, you can use this online system to see grades, get a verification of enrollment, complete a resource evaluation for financial aid, apply for a Parent Plus loan, or make a bursar’s payment.


Guest Center has recently been updated to be more friendly and usable for parents and families. It now:

  • Includes a Spanish version for all features
  • Only requires one login for visitors who have multiple students at the University
  • Is mobile friendly for use with phones and tablets


Documentation is available for Guest Center use, academic information, financial aid, and making a payment to the Bursar.


Instrucciones en español también están disponibles sobre el uso y recursos en el Guest Center como expedientes académicos, ayuda financiera, y cómo realizar un pago a la cuenta de tesorería.


University Information Technology Services was already in the process of making improvements for Guest Center users when it was approached by Parent & Family Programs and Hispanic-Serving Institution Initiatives. They were looking for ways to better serve families of students from Spanish-speaking households. Marla Franco, assistant vice provost for HSI Initiatives, explains, “Making Guest Center available in Spanish was a top priority.”


“The Guest Center upgrade was greatly enhanced by this partnership,” says University chief technology officer Darcy Van Patten. “These improvements are helping Wildcat families, including more families of Hispanic students, support their students in achieving success at the University.”