Academic Resources in the Residence Halls

In addition to providing a diverse and comfortable on-campus living experience, Residence Life strives to promote academic success for our residents by providing resources and services to help them as they adjust to the demands of college.

Our staff has built a strong partnership with THINK TANK, the UA’s academic support center. Together, we offer programs in a variety of residence halls for all to use:

  • Dedicated rooms in Manzanita-Mohave and Coronado residence halls offer students tutoring in Business, Languages, Math, Science and Writing.
  • Supplemental Instruction (SI) programs provide free tutoring led by trained students who have previously taken the course. SI offers daily sessions that support classes such as Chemistry 101/151, German 160, MCB 181, Physics 241 and PSIO 201 in Arizona-Sonora, Likins, Manzanita-Mohave, Maricopa and Pima residence halls.

Residence Life collaborates with the Eller College of Business PACE Program (Pre-Business Academic Communities of Excellence). With the assistance of Peer Academic Leaders (PALs), the program makes use of social learning theory, to foster peer interaction, facilitating success in the Management Information Systems 111 course. Pre-Business students in Arizona-Sonora and Coronado are also grouped in common math courses 100 and 112 to encourage study collaboration.

Connections with faculty are another avenue that can lead to success for a student. Residence Life offers students the unique opportunity to spend time with professors outside of the classroom.

  • Faculty Fellows — select faculty are assigned to a specific residence hall and are regularly available. These faculty members enjoy interacting with students and often provide special activities and events in the halls.
  • Coffee with a Prof — small groups of students invite a favorite teacher for coffee and Residence Life picks up the tab.
  • Faculty Connections — professors seek interaction with students outside the classroom. These faculty provide unique experiences and activities in select halls.

Residence Life also offers an online ’Courses in Common’ list for students. Participating students can find classmates for questions or notes if they missed a class, form study groups, or find study partners.  

Students are encouraged to take part in these and other opportunities throughout their time living on campus, as doing so can benefit them as they move forward in their academic journey.

For more information, you or your student can contact me, Greg Ziebell at (520) 621-6400 or