Student Legal Services: What is it and how we help and support your student?

Wildcat parent, you may think that your student is not going to need legal advice, but the number one issue Student Legal Services (SLS) consistently provides assistance with is landlord tenant issues. Other than landlord tenant issues, the most common issues involve minor in possession of alcohol, possession of drugs or paraphernalia, fake i.d., red tags, and procedural issues affecting international students. SLS has also seen an increased need by students for Orders of Protection and Injunctions Against Harassment and helps students complete the paperwork as long as it does not involve another student. SLS also provides free notary service.

SLS provides free legal advice and consultation to University of Arizona students. A “student” is someone who is currently registered and attending classes, this includes graduate, professional and UA online students. “Attending classes” means that classes have actually begun.

Newly enrolled students may not use the service until the first day of classes for the first semester in which they are registered. During the summer and winter breaks, continuing students who are not attending classes, but who did attend during the previous semester and are registered for next regular semester are eligible to utilize the services.

Students are seen in thirty minute increments from 9:00am-5:00pm during the fall and spring semesters and 9:00am-4:00pm during the summer, winter and spring breaks. Students can make an appointment by visiting and clicking on the “Book An Appointment” tab. If they have any questions they can call the front desk of the SLS office at (520) 621-ASUA (2782).

The SLS office is located at the main campus on the third floor of the Student Union Memorial Center in ASUA (above the bookstore).

Students need to bring all relevant paperwork to their appointment. For example, if the matter involves an issue with a landlord, the student needs to bring their lease. This ensures that they receive the best and most accurate legal representation.  All communications between the student and SLS are confidential including disclosure of information regarding sexual assault and sexual harassment. SLS is a confidential resource for Title IX purposes.

As a parent, encourage your child to make an appointment when they encounter a legal problem or have questions. This helps them avoiding unnecessary stress and gives them to the tools to make the most informed decisions.

The SLS advisor looks forward to meet you and answer any questions at the Wildcat Family Conference, Friday August 19, 2016. SLS will once again be presenting at this year’s conference. And as always Bear Down!